Enforcement of Defender CSPM for Premium DevOps Security Capabilities


Microsoft's for Cloud will begin enforcing the Cloud Security Posture Management (DCSPM) plan check for premium security value beginning March 7th, 2024. If you have the CSPM plan enabled on a cloud environment (Azure, AWS, GCP) within the same tenant your connectors are created in, you'll continue to receive premium code to cloud capabilities at no additional cost. If you aren't a Defender CSPM customer, you have until March 7th, 2024 to enable Defender CSPM before losing access to these security features. To enable Defender CSPM on a connected cloud environment before March 7, 2024, follow the enablement documentation outlined here 

Microsoft Defender CSPM provides advanced security posture capabilities including agentless vulnerability scanning, attack path analysis, integrated data-aware security posture, code to cloud contextualization, and an intelligent cloud security graph. Pricing is dependent on cloud size, with billing based on Server, account, and Database counts. There is no additional charge for DevOps resources with this enforcement.  

More Information 

  • For more information on Defender CSPM pricing, see the pricing page 



This article was originally published by Microsoft's Defender for Cloud Blog. You can find the original article here.