Enable Chat History on Azure OpenAI Studio with Azure Cosmos DB


Azure OpenAI Studio offers a feature that allows you to enable chat history for your web app users. This feature provides your users with access to their previous queries and responses, allowing them to easily reference past conversations. Check out the blog below for the full details on enable it today!  

Benefits of enabling chat history  

With Azure OpenAI Studio, Developers can build a chatbot with cutting-edge models that draws on your own data for informed and custom responses to customers' questions. In addition, you can incorporate multimodality – enabling your app to see, hear, and speak by pairing Azure OpenAI Service with Speech and Vision models. 

Streamline customer support: Chat history serves as a powerful ally for streamlining customer support services. By referencing past chat logs, support teams gain the ability to quickly find solutions for customers. This enhances the efficiency of issue resolution while enabling support agents to manage request volumes effectively leading to improved customer satisfaction. 

Data Analytics: Analyzing past interactions provides valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and recurring issues. Armed with this data, you can make informed decisions to optimize user experiences, tailor content, and refine your application's performance. The analytics derived from chat history pave the way for data-driven strategies, ensuring your application evolves in tune with user needs and expectations.

Product Enhancements: By studying past interactions, you gain a comprehensive view of user feedback, pain points, and preferences. This user-centric insight becomes a compass for product enhancement. Whether it's refining features, addressing common concerns, or identifying opportunities for innovation, chat history becomes a valuable resource in the iterative process of improving your product for end-users. 

How to enable chat history? 

To enable chat history, deploy or redeploy your model as a web app using Azure OpenAI Studio. Once completed, activate chat history by clicking the dedicated enablement button within the Azure OpenAI Studio interface. With chat history enabled, users gain control over their interaction.  

In the top right corner, they can show or hide their chat history. When displayed, users can rename or delete conversations, giving full control of the chat history experience to users. Conversations are automatically ordered from newest to oldest, simplifying navigation. Each conversation is named based on the initial query, making it easy for users to locate and reference past interactions. 

Enabling chat history in Azure OpenAI Studio can easily provide a valuable resource for your web app users, allowing them to easily reference past conversations and queries. 

Important!  Please note that enabling chat history with Azure Cosmos DB will incur additional charges for the storage used.  

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