Elevate Azure expertise with new AI and optimization video episodes


The Azure Enablement Show is a library of fun, bite-sized videos that highlight valuable resources for anyone looking to learn more about cloud computing and related Azure tools. In this blog we announce two new video series: Azure Optimization Skilling, which explores best practices and resources to maximize the value of your cloud investment, and Develop Your AI Coding Skills, which discusses how AI-enabled applications have become crucial to meet the evolving demands of users.

Organizations of all sizes are embracing cloud computing to enhance their operations, optimize resource utilization, and gain a competitive edge. However, navigating the complexities of cloud adoption and ensuring optimal performance can be a daunting task. This is where the Azure Enablement Show steps in, providing valuable resources for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of cloud computing.

These short videos, featuring industry experts from Microsoft and the broader Azure community, give a snapshot of new resources and programs to help guide you in your Azure journey. In this blog, we'll introduce two new Azure Enablement Shows to further enhance your Azure expertise.

Learn to optimize and secure your Azure investment with new skilling programs

The benefits of cloud computing—improved scalability, growth prospects, innovation potential, and more—are widely acknowledged as valuable assets for businesses. The path to confident cloud operations includes cost efficiency, reliability, security, and sustainability. Azure Optimization aims to address this by fostering the ongoing advancement of our customers' cloud investment.

To maximize the value of your Azure cloud investment through optimization, you need to reduce unnecessary expenses and enhance your ROI. We understand the importance of improving workload reliability, security, and cloud cost optimization for accelerating business innovation without concerns about vulnerabilities or escalating costs. Our goal is to support the continual improvement of your Microsoft Azure workloads, allowing you to consistently extract maximum value from your cloud investment once key optimization elements are in place.

Whether you're a seasoned cloud architect, an aspiring developer, or a business decision-maker eager to explore the possibilities of cloud computing, optimization should be at the forefront of your cloud strategy. We help prepare you for your cloud optimization journey with training resources and guidance across all stages and levels of maturity.

In the Azure Enablement Show on Optimization Skilling, you'll watch a quick video overview about our curated learning opportunities, such as our instructor-led Virtual Training Days, a 30 Days to Learn It Optimization Challenge, and self-guided online learning paths and modules. You'll also discover how optimizing workloads and architecture can lead to growth and innovation and hear from experts about the and tools they recommend from years of experience.

We aim to boost your confidence and efficiency in achieving your cloud goals by providing diverse learning paths and skilling opportunities, offering resources such as the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and the Well-Architected Framework (WAF). These tools empower you to transform operations, securely manage cloud-hosted applications, and achieve business goals cost-effectively.

Raise the bar in app development with AI coding skills

App development is a highly competitive field, and today's most dynamic apps combine personalization with a user-friendly experience that makes them more engaging. Intelligent apps integrate and machine learning capabilities to understand user preferences and behavior, tailoring content, recommendations, and user interfaces accordingly. Such personalization enhances the overall user experience, making apps more engaging. 

has transformed how we work and interact with technology, and developers with the skills to enable in their apps will have a distinct advantage in the marketplace. With our three-part Azure Enablement Show series, Develop Your AI Coding Skills, you'll discover how adding AI skills to your developer toolbox will help both you and your organization.

Enabling AI in app development offers benefits that significantly enhance the landscape of modern applications. By allowing developers to create intelligent, responsive applications that stand out in a crowded market, AI-driven features not only attract users but also elevate the overall user experience.

The integration of AI also enables performance optimization, ensuring applications operate seamlessly, adapt to user behavior, and continuously improve functionality. This results in faster, more efficient applications that meet the evolving demands of users. In addition, AI opens new and exciting opportunities for innovation. Developers can explore novel features, personalized experiences, and predictive capabilities that go beyond conventional app functionalities, thereby unlocking untapped potential and reshaping the possibilities within the realm of app development.

Microsoft Azure delivers on the potential of intelligent apps with an innovative suite of AI and machine learning tools, designed to streamline development and enhance user experiences. In this video series we'll explore how developers can take advantage of our comprehensive learning resources on Microsoft Learn to harness the full capabilities of Azure and drive innovation in their applications.

Check out the full lineup of Azure Enablement Shows

Azure Enablement Shows are a treasure trove of knowledge and insights designed to empower businesses of all sizes to maximize their cloud investments and achieve their strategic objectives. By tuning in to these informative sessions, you'll gain the knowledge and guidance you need to navigate the complexities of cloud adoption, build robust and scalable cloud applications, and optimize your cloud solutions for peak performance and cost-effectiveness. Join a community of cloud enthusiasts, engage with experts from Microsoft and the broader Azure community, and immerse yourself in a world of technical guidance, tips, and . Azure Enablement Shows are not just about learning; they're about unlocking the full potential of cloud computing to transform your business. Visit the Azure Enablement Show homepage to explore the full roster of learning opportunities and get started today!


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