Discover Azure Migrate from SCOM

Generate Azure Migrate Business Case & Assessment with System Center Operations Manager 

System Center customers are increasingly looking to capitalize on the technical and financial flexibility, efficiencies, and capabilities on the cloud that aren't possible with on-premises IT infrastructure. If you are one of these customers wondering begin your cloud migration journey- Azure Migrate is your answer. System Center () is a component of System Center that provides infrastructure monitoring of vital applications and your data center. Now you can generate a business case using without deploying an appliance. All machines that SCOM monitors will be assessed to generate the business case. This new capability in SCOM allows you to discover and understand everything you need to know about your on-premises environment by generating a complete inventory that can be used in Azure Migrate to assess machines at scale with a comprehensive business case analysis calculating cost savings from migration and modernization. Lets now go ahead and explore the new feature in SCOM .

 1. First Navigate to the Monitoring tab of your SCOM server and click on “View Potential Savings” to figure out go about calculating infrastructure cost savings from migrating to Azure


2.  Importing the management pack is recommended for better accuracy in assessments as it includes performance data. Then Click on the “On-prem inventory” link below to download your on-prem inventory details in the CSV format. Follow this by a  click on the azure migrate link to navigate to the Azure Migrate portal and login using your azure subscription details. Create a new project and select “Discover” and in discover machines select “Import using CSV”. Upload the CSV file that got generated in SCOM and click on “Import”. 


3. That's it you are ready to create a business case .Business case reports will give you all the costs and savings you can make by migrating to Azure, along with the recommended azure services and other details. 


4. Next you can trigger assessments as well to measure cloud readiness, identify risks and estimate complexity of migration. 


Here is how you can get started Discover Azure Migrate from SCOM .

What's Upcoming?

Microsoft is working to add more capabilities like addition of ‘Management costs & capabilities' to business case & assessments. This will provide an even more holistic and accurate cost assessment that can help you make the decision to migrate to Azure.

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This article was originally published by Microsoft's PowerShell Blog. You can find the original article here.