Changes in Alert Management of SCOM 2019

Usage of SCOM2019 has been surging since its inception and we really appreciate all the feedback that we have been getting. As the product evolves to accommodate new features, there were few issues which needed immediate attention and we have released a Hotfix to fix them. Well, what are those issues? Read on..

Ability to edit Alert Property Columns irrespective of Health State


When a new Alert is raised by a Unit Monitor, the existing Closed Alerts created by the same Unit Monitor could not be updated. This functionality blocked changes to Alert properties such as Custom fields TicketId, Owner, Custom Fields or Alert History.

Fix: User will be able to edit columns on closed Alerts irrespective of Health State.


Issue with Alert Closure


When an alert is closed for the below 2 scenarios, user would get an error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”. Let us look at these scenarios in details.


Scene 1

  1. User creates a monitor but disabled the option to “Generate an alert for this monitor”.
  2. User sets an override to generate an alert
  3. After an alert is generated, if user tries to close it – oh oh .. Error


Scene 2

  1. User creates a monitor with (enabled) the option to “Generate an alert for this monitor”.
  2. Once an alert is generated, User disables the option to “Generate an alert for this monitor”.
  3. Now, if a `user tries to close the alert — Error


Fix: Alerts can now be closed if the underlying Monitor's Alerting i.e. “Generate an alert for this monitor” is disabled.

Improper message on Web Console when closing Alert


When a user tries to close an Alert of an unhealthy Monitor from the (legacy) Alert View, a pop-up with random text was displayed. User had no idea what just happened.

Fix: Message on Pop-up is meaningful now.


Automatic Alert Resolution


On the Operations Console of 2019, we have a feature which closes any alerts after certain period of time based on the settings and it is called Automatic Alert Resolution (Operations Console > Administration > Settings). Upon double clicking this feature, we found that Alerts for unhealthy monitors were closed even though 2019 brought in this change.

Fix: We got in a couple of changes for Alert grooming.

1. Segregation of Rule based alerts and monitor based alerts on Automatic Alert Resolution

Current Behavior

After installing KB4551468 Hotfix

AakashMSFT_5-1585744699372.png AakashMSFT_6-1585744699368.png

2. Alert from Monitors cannot be closed until monitor is healthy.

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