Azure VMware Solution – Monitoring Quickstart Guide

Learn how easy it is to quickly set up some basic alerting and monitoring in your Azure VMware Solution environment.   In this video, I utilize the GitHub repository provided by Microsoft AVS experts available at Enterprise Scale for AVS

Setting up Alerts for Azure VMware Solution

Follow along the AVS Monitoring portion of the Brownfield Deployment. Monitoring is a crucial part of running any resources whether its on-premises or in the cloud.  This quick start for Azure gives you the basics to get up and running with Alert Groups that alert once thresholds are met, Service Health that updates with impacting events for AVS, and a Dashboard monitoring:  CPU, memory and disk utilization of AVS.

For more guidance:

Managing Alert Rules in Azure, learn more here
Creating Service Health Alerts, learn more here
Creating a Dashboard in the Azure Portal, learn more here

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Amy Colyer


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