Azure SQL Managed Instance Business Critical tier is Generally Available

First published on MSDN on Dec 04, 2018

We are happy to announce General availability of Business Critical tier in Managed Instance – architectural model built for high-performance and IO demanding databases.

After 5 months of

public preview period

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Business Critical Service tier


generally available


Azure SQL Managed Instance Business Critical tier is built for high performance databases and applications that require low IO latency of 1-2ms in average with up to 100K IOPS that can be achieved using fast local SSD that this tier uses to place database files.

Azure SQL Managed Instance Business Critical tier is a of database engines with one primary read/write , one free-of-charge read-only , and two hidden replicas that ensure 99.99% availability.

is implemented using Always On technology that ensures that changes made on the primary server are to at least two replicas before the transaction is committed. changes are synchronously written into the log files of secondary nodes.

With Business Critical General availability, we are also enabling a set of new features:

You can reduce the cost of your Managed Instances up to 80 percent with the

Azure Hybrid Benefit

and new

reserved capacity

pricing, which is now available for the Business Critical service tier. For dev-test workloads, we recommend our

Enterprise dev-test


Pay-As-You-Go dev-test

pricing to save up to 55 percent off license-included rates.

You can find more information about the Managed Instance in

General availability announcement blog post


Azure SQL Database documentation page



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