Azure CLI Tip – Use AI to find az commands

The Azure command-line interface (Azure CLI) is a great way to create and manage Azure resources. Azure CLI is available on Windows, macOS, and , and it supports managing resources across Azure services and gets you working quickly with Azure, with an emphasis on . If you did use the Azure CLI, you might find this tip very handy. I am talking about the az find command. The az find command provides you with example commands based on Azure documentation and usage patterns of the Azure CLI and Azure users.

For example, if you want to see the most popular commands within an Azure CLI group.

az find "az container"

Azure Find Azure CLI GroupAzure Find Azure CLI Group

 You can also use az find to find the most popular parameters and subcommands.

az find "az monitor activity-log"

Search for popular parametersSearch for popular parameters

 And the best, you can also use search terms, and Azure CLI will help you find the best commands.

az find "delete azure backup vault"

Azure Find Azure CLI Search TermAzure Find Azure CLI Search Term

You can see that I was looking for how I can delete an Azure backup or service vault. Since the Azure CLI find command learn form documentation and usage, I not only get the example to delete an existing service vault, it also lets me know of other related examples that might come in handy. 

If you want to learn more about the az find command, check out the Microsoft Docs. And if you want to install the Azure CLI, check out the following blog

Did you know about the az find command and that it uses and to give you recommendations based on Microsoft Docs and usage? Or if you have a question, feel free to leave a comment below.


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