Azure Backup Monitoring and Alerting

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If you've had to manage the backuprestore processes for your environment, you know how important keeping up with the status of said process.  No one wants to end up having to recover a VM from an incomplete/failed backup.

To address this, the Azure Backup product Team have added new integrations with and its alerting capabilities.  Today we'll cover how these can help you really keep up to date with the state of your backups and restores items.

We spoke with Aditya Balaji and discussed all the improvements.  Check it out.

Azure Backup Alerts


Azure Backup now provides alerts via .  This ensures that your experience with alerts is consistent across different Azure services, including backup. With alerts, you can route alerts to any notification channel supported by Azure Monitor such as email, ITSM, Webhook, Logic App, and so on (like all other Azure monitor alerts, making it a familiar experience.

Currently, Azure Backup has made two main types of built-in alerts available:

  1. Security Alerts:  For scenarios, such as deletion of backup data, or disabling of soft-delete functionality for a vault, security alerts (of severity Sev 0) are fired, and displayed in the Azure portal or consumed via other clients (PowerShell, CLI and REST API).  These alerts cannot be turned off they are generated by defaults. But you can configure and control the notifications
  2. Configured Alerts: For scenarios, such as backup failure and restore failure, Azure Backup provides built-in alerts via Azure Monitor (of Severity Sev 1). Unlike security alerts, you can choose to turn off Azure Monitor alerts for job failure scenarios. So, if you have already configured custom alert rules for job failures via Log Analytics you don't need built-in alerts to be fired for every job failure as well

You can review the types of alerts you can configure in Azure here.

There are also Datasource and Global Alerts.


The following classes of alerts are displayed:


  • Datasource Alerts: Alerts that are tied to a specific datasource being backed up or restored.  So in my case I'm only backing up so under my Datasource section I will only see what's directly related to them.


  • Global Alerts: Alerts that aren't tied to a specific datasource. They are tied to alerts that affect the entire backup environment (such as, disabling soft-delete functionality for a vault).

If you are looking for more information in regard to all the new monitoring and alerting capabilities of Azure Backup that are now surfaced up through Azure Monitor please refer to the following:

 And of course, if you have questions or comments for the product group you can reach them by sending your queries to Azure Backup team at

These new capabilities do a lot to simplify the monitoring and alerting of all your backup and restore operations.

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