Azure AI Cloud Skills Challenge is LIVE!


Hello, my fellow Azure AI and ML enthusiasts! Usually, I'm popping up on the Azure AI Tech Community to bring you the latest and greatest AI Study Guide for Azure AI and ML. This week I want to ensure that you don't miss out on an awesome opportunity to learn and get rewarded for it. 

TL;DR: Last month we opened the Global AI Cloud Skills Challenge. All you need to do is complete one of our four AI Cloud Skills Challenges! Finish one before April 19th to receive 100% off the cost of a related Microsoft certification exam.

The four challenges are all incredible opportunities to learn and get skilled on Azure. You will tackle real-world scenarios and unlock new career-building abilities. Need more incentive? Finish a challenge in the allotted time and score a voucher for a FREE Microsoft certification exam*.

Here's the catch: This month's challenge cycle is almost up! Participants have until April 19th to complete one or more of the AI Cloud Skills Challenges. But don't worry, in this blog I'll guide you on get started and next steps. 

How do I get started with an AI Cloud Skills Challenge?

Dive into four of our hand-picked topics, each featuring a challenging project and a treasure trove of resources to ensure your success. Connect with peers and AI experts through community events, videos, and training resources to prepare you for your Microsoft Credentials exam.

  • Azure AI Fundamentals: Curious about the potential of AI but unsure where to begin? Azure AI Fundamentals is your launchpad! Learn about different approaches, explore the power of cognitive services for tasks like image recognition and speech translation, and gain insights into responsible AI practices. Our Azure AI Fundamentals challenge equips you with the knowledge to confidently navigate the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Microsoft Fabric Analytics Engineer: By simplifying the complexities of data analysis in the age of AI, Fabric's unified platform brings together data from various sources, making it easier to integrate and analyze. As an analytics engineer, it's your job to connect, ingest, store, and report on data using Microsoft Fabric. This challenge is for Data Analysts looking to prepare for Exam DP-600 and upskill to the Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification. 
  • Build next generation apps with Azure OpenAI: Our cloud-based AI platform grants access to state-of-the-art models from Azure OpenAI and beyond, including GPT-3 and DALL-E. In this challenge, you will learn build Azure AI solutions, rich search experiences, and generative AI apps that combine large language models with enterprise data. You will work with AI Search and AI Document Intelligence to bring these solutions to life within Copilot Studio.
  • Azure Machine Learning: Streamline your journey into AI by learning how our cloud-based service empowers you to build, train, and deploy powerful models without needing extensive coding expertise. This challenge walks your through the building blocks of classical Azure in addition to exploring the use of generative AI models for natural language processing (NLP).

What do I do after completing an AI challenge?

After you've conquered your AI Cloud Skills Challenge, you'll receive a voucher good for 100% off the cost of a Microsoft Certification exam*. Earning a Microsoft Certification validates your foundational knowledge of AI concepts and how they apply to Azure services. Having one on your resume demonstrates your commitment to learning and positions you as a skilled professional in the rapidly growing field of AI. In fact:

And don't worry if you aren't ready to take your certification exam right away after completing your AI Cloud Skills Challenge—your voucher is valid for six months after you receive it.**

What if I don't have time right now?

One of the best things about these challenges is that after one ends there's another round coming up just behind it. Keep an eye on the AI Cloud Skills Challenges website to see when the next one is starting!

We also have plenty more AI-related resources on Microsoft Learn. With self-paced courses, videos, and live events, there's something for everyone to get immersed in the transformative world of AI. We'll see you there!

*Limit one per customer, terms and conditions apply

**Participants who don't complete the challenge on time can apply finished modules to future timed challenges and receive a 50% off certification exam voucher.


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