Azure AD Recommendations Now Help You Identify ADAL Apps to Migrate to MSAL

Migrate ADAL applications to MSAL is now available

>We are announcing a new Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) recommendation > helping customers migrate apps using the legacy >  > Library (ADAL) to the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) >.

> >This is part of our ongoing initiative to improve the developer experience, service reliability, and security of customer applications to end support for ADAL >. The final deadline to migrate your applications to MSAL has been extended to >June 30, 2023 >.

> >What do you do?

We recommend customers migrate to MSAL, which is designed to enable a secure solution without developers having to worry about the implementation details. MSAL simplifies and manages acquiring, managing, caching, and refreshing tokens, and uses for resilience.

The new recommendation to migrate from ADAL to MSAL will enable customers to easily find and migrate apps using ADAL in their tenant to MSAL. 

Visit Azure AD recommendations for more details.

James Mantu

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