Announcement: Adding Support for Latest Linux OS (Ubuntu 22.04 & RHEL 9) in SCOM 2019 & SCOM 2022


The latest support matrix for 2019 can be seen HERE

The latest support matrix for SCOM 2022 can be seen HERE

Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise (RHEL) are highly popular flavours with a vast and committed user-base, and supporting their latest needs is a priority for us and it is in line with our increased focus on making SCOM the tool-to-use for Monitoring.

For SCOM 2019, you can start monitoring Ubuntu 22.04/RHEL 9 by importing the latest MPs from HERE. 

For SCOM 2022, to start monitoring Ubuntu 22.04/RHEL 9, apply the hotfix patch given HERE and then import the MPs from HERE.


This article was originally published by Microsoft’s System Center Blog. You can find the original article here.