An Update about the Windows 8.1 Update


First published on TechNet on Apr 16, 2014

Hi everyone, David here.  Today over at the

Springboard series blog

we announced some important news that applies to anyone who has been trying to roll out the Windows 8.1 update in an enterprise environment.  We don't usually do announcements about things being covered by other Microsoft blogs, but this one addresses something we've gotten a lot of questions about.

If you haven't read the blog, here's the super-short version:

– We have a


for the Windows Update problem that prevents organizations from using WSUS to deploy the Windows 8.1 Update.

– We'll be issuing security updates for Windows 8.1 (without the update) in the catalog until August, instead of stopping next month as originally announced.  This gives enterprises more time to test the feature changes in the Windows 8.1 Update and deploy them, without having to worry about not getting critical security updates.

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to read the full announcement.


This article was originally published by Microsoft's Directory Services Team. You can find the original article here.