ADF private DNS zone overrides ARM DNS resolution causing ‘Not found’ error.

##Steps to Migrate:

  1.             Navigate to existing Private DNS zone
  2.             Go to
  3.             Type ‘private zones' on the search bar and click on the option
  4.             Click on the private zone


  1.             Get the private IP of the existing private endpoint and delete the private zone
  2.             In the overview blade (default) you'll see a table with the records
  3.             Look for the one with the name ‘adf' with Type ‘A' and write down the IP under ‘Value' for the next steps.
  4.             Click on ‘Virtual links on the left panel, write down all the Virtual Networks for the next steps and then delete all the virtual links
  5.             Go back go ‘overview' and delete a private zone



3.   Create a new Private DNS zone with the name ‘

      1.In the main Private DNS zones page, click on ‘add' on the toolbar

      2.  Select the subscription and resource group and add ‘' as the name


  1.  Add Virtual links and DNS ‘A' record     

            1.  In the private zone click on ‘Virtual network links' on the left panel and then add a network link for each of the virtual networks from step 2c


  1.             Add DNS ‘A' record
  •   Go back to the overview panel and click on ‘+ Record set', type ‘adf' as the name, TTL: 10, TTL unit: seconds, and type the IP form step 2b



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