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Deploy Azure File Sync

Extend you File server with Azure File Sync and Migrate with Windows Admin Center #WindowsServer #Azure #AFS #WAC #HybridCloud #FileServer

In the former blog post "step by step Windows Server 2019 File Server clustering With powershell or GUI #Cluster #HA #Azure #WindowsAdminCenter #WindowsServer2019" I created a File share on a Cluster to make the share HA. This is more the ... continue reading

step by step Windows Server 2019 File Server clustering With powershell or GUI #Cluster #HA #Azure #WindowsAdminCenter #WindowsServer2019

Installing the Cluster is easy now days. But just this I post a little blog on how to do this, In my blog stats it shows that the 2012 post is still very active , so time for an update ... continue reading

How to Protect your #Azure resources from Distributed Denial of Service #DDoS attacks #Cloud #SDN #VNET #Security #Alerts #Analytics

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are some of the largest availability and security concerns facing customers that are moving their applications to the cloud. A DDoS attack attempts to exhaust an application’s resources, making the application unavailable to legitimate ... continue reading
Diagram showing a server in Building 5 replicating with a server in Building 9

Step by Step Server-to-server storage replication with Windows Server 2019 Storage Replica #WindowsAdminCenter #StorageReplica #WindowsServer2019 #ReFS #SR #Azure

In the old days all File servers where on one place, and if you want to replicate data you needed a extra tool to do this. Now days its already build in into Windows server. Storage replica can be used ... continue reading
Upgrading Windows server 2016 Domain controller to Windows Server 2019

Upgrading Windows server 2016 Domain controller to Windows Server 2019 #windows2019 #ws2019

If you want to upgrade your domain controller and make this ready for server 2019. In this case I have only one Domain controller running server 2016. When you do a Upgrade of your current Domain Controller you may get ... continue reading
Windows Server at Ignite 2018

Windows Server at Ignite 2018

This blog post was authored by Vinicius Apolinario, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Windows Server. If youve been to Ignite before, you know its a busy week for the attendees. This year Ignite will have over 700 deep-dive sessions and over ... continue reading
Windows Server 2019 with Azure Network Adapter

Windows Server 2019 with Azure Network Adapter on Windows Admin Center Easy Azure VPN Connections #ANA #winserv #WindowsAdminCenter #WindowsServer2019

Windows Admin Center is a new, locally-deployed, browser-based management tool set that lets you manage your Windows Servers with no Azure or cloud dependency. Windows Admin Center gives you full control over all aspects of your server infrastructure and is ... continue reading

Upgrading and what is new in Windows Server 2019 Clustering #winserv #RunWS2019 #WindowsServer2019

This blog post is the first of a series on Windows Server 2019. #MSIgnite is coming and there will be a lot of new features coming. So in preparation I’ll show you what is changed and how to build things ... continue reading

Azure portal VM creation Changed with a new layout is Awesome #Azure #Cloud #MSTCommunity #MVPBuzz

In the Azure portal every day there are some changes some are big others are minor. In this blog I show you the change in the VM creation. When Creating a NEW VM you can see the change now there ... continue reading