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Azure AD pass-through and password hash authentication support for SQL DB, DW and Managed Instance

We are announcing support for Azure AD pass-through and password hash authentication for Azure SQL DB (single database and database pools), Managed Instance, and Azure Synapse (formerly SQL DW). Azure AD password hash authentication is the simplest way to enable ... continue reading

Migrate SQL workloads to the cloud with confidence

Wouldn't it be great if you could see how a workload will perform in a new environment before migrating a database to the cloud? Then you could fix any queries that have compatibility errors or move forward with the migration ... continue reading

Use hyperscale for your most demanding cloud-born workloads

Sometimes resource demands increase beyond your expectations. Azure SQL Database service continues to meet your needs regardless of your speed of growth. The hyperscale service tier for a single database enables you to scale to 100 TB with fast backup ... continue reading

Azure SQL Database managed instance vs. SQL Server

As organizations face increasing pressure to modernize their applications and infrastructure, the benefits of the cloud have become impossible to ignore. Fortunately, Azure SQL Database managed instance makes it easy to move your SQL Server workloads to the cloud. Nearly ... continue reading

How to provision a Linux SQL Server Virtual Machine in Azure

You’re an existing SQL Server customer and are looking to explore the fast-growing Linux operating system. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, Microsoft has you covered. With SQL Server 2017, and now SQL Server 2019, SQL Server is available on ... continue reading

Tips to select the best Azure SQL deployment option

When it comes time to migrate your SQL workloads to Azure, you have a choice of two main deployment options: SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines and Microsoft Azure SQL Database. Each offers its own benefits, so how do you ... continue reading

Azure SQL Database Connectivity and Network Security improvements

Azure SQL Database Connectivity and Network Security improvements Reviewers:- Andreas Wolter, Rajesh Setlem We are proud to announce several improvements to Azure SQL Database in the areas of Connectivity and Network Security. Customers can now choose to connect to SQL ... continue reading

When to use Azure SQL Virtual Machines

Rearchitecting applications to run in the cloud can be a significant undertaking requiring time, money, and the appropriate skills. If you want to move existing on-premises apps to the cloud, but don't have the necessary resources to rearchitect your applications, ... continue reading
Sync Mobile Apps and Azure using Change Tracking API-1.PNG

Sync Mobile Apps with Azure using Change Tracking API

If you are creating a mobile app that will work sending data back and forth from the cloud (I guess that 99% of the apps fall into this use case), you will have at some point the need to sync ... continue reading

Troubleshooting Common issues with Elastic Jobs in Azure SQL Database

Elastic Jobs are currently in public preview. The feature is ready and we are preparing to make it officially generally available. No extra steps are required to get started. Determining the Cause of Failure Assume for the purposes of demonstration ... continue reading