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Leveraging XML with New Employee PowerShell Scripts

I’m going to show how you can leverage XML files for referencing information, to help bolster up your Active Directory user accounts. This will ensure things such as Outlook contact cards are correct but also allows you to use this ... continue reading

Getting Yesterday’s Date

Q: How can I get yesterday’s date? A: You can use a combination of the Get-Date cmdlet and .NET Time/Date methods. First, let’s look at dates in PowerShell and .NET Then we can look at how to calculate yesterday and ... continue reading

PowerShell for Visual Studio Code Updates – February 2021

We are excited to announce that updates to our PowerShell extension and PowerShell Preview extension are now available on the Visual Studio Code marketplace. This blog will explain what is new in these releases as well as what you can expect from the extension in ... continue reading

Using Get-Service in PowerShell 7 vs. Windows PowerShell 5.1

Q: How can I get the Username, and StartType for a Windows Service? A: Quick answer is PowerShell 7. Microsoft is doing a great job on PowerShell with each version they release. The simple answer to this question is a ... continue reading

Changing Drive Letters and Labels via PowerShell

Q: I want to change the drive letter and the drive label for a new USB drive. Is there a way with PowerShell? A: Of course. One way is to use WMI and the CIM cmdlets. PowerShell does not have ... continue reading

SecretManagement and SecretStore Updates

Two updated preview releases are now available on the PowerShell Gallery: SecretManagement preview4 SecretStore preview2 Please note that these preview releases contain breaking changes. This version of SecretStore is incompatible with previous versions because the configuration format has changed. The ... continue reading
Azure Sentinel Notebook

PowerShell+Azure Sentinel notebooks to supercharge your threat hunting and investigations!

For those interested in security and security analytics, we recently published an article on how you can now enable PowerShell Jupyter notebooks via .Net Interactive Public Preview for use with Azure Sentinel: Happy threat hunting and investigation with PowerShell+Notebooks! ... continue reading
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Import Azure DevOps Test Plans from One Environment to Another

Summary Standardization of Azure DevOps Test Plans and Reusing Them Between Different Organizations Today we introduce Claudia Ferguson and Mike Stiers to the Scripting Blog. Claudia is a Senior Consultant with the Microsoft Active Directory Migration Services Engineer team, and ... continue reading

PSScriptAnalyzer 1.19.1

PSScriptAnalyzer 1.19.1 is now available on the PowerShell Gallery. This minor update fixes a few user-reported bugs and introduces a new rule (which is disabled by default) for avoiding using double quotes for constant strings. To install this version of ... continue reading
PowerShell Basics: How to Delete Microsoft Teams Cache for All Users

PowerShell Basics: How to Delete Microsoft Teams Cache for All Users

Sometimes there is a need to delete Microsoft Teams cache to quicken the adoption of an in-band policy change or simply troubleshoot an issue. The challenge here is that the cache for Microsoft Teams is in multiple directories. This can ... continue reading