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Unable to find package provider

When PowerShellGet v1 fails to install the NuGet Provider

Recently there’s been a number of users who have encountered a particular bug with PowerShellGet in Windows PowerShell. This bug occurs when you try to to use a PowerShellGet cmdlet that is dependent on PackageManagement, including cmdlets such as ... continue reading

How to Preview PowerShell Scripts In PowerShell

Q: When I use Windows Explorer and select a PowerShell script file – I do not see the script in the preview window. Can I fix that? A: You can make a few simple registry updates and do just what ... continue reading

How to Use $PSDefaultParameterValues

Q: When I use cmdlets like Receive-Job and Format-Table, how do I change default values of the Keep and Wrap parameters? A: Use the $PSDefaultValues automatic variable. When I first discovered PowerShell’s background jobs feature, I would use Receive-Job to ... continue reading

How to Use $FormatEnumerationLimit

Q: When I format an object where a property contains more than 4 objects, I never see the extra property values. How can I fix that? A: Use the $FormatEnumerationLimit variable. This query is one I hear in many PowerShell ... continue reading

Announcing PowerShell Crescendo Preview.4

Announcing Crescendo 0.7.0-Preview.4 We are pleased to announce the fourth preview of PowerShell Crescendo, a framework to rapidly develop PowerShell cmdlets for native commands, regardless of platform. The updated preview release is now available for download on the PowerShell Gallery: ... continue reading

How to use the Secret modules

Q: I have a bunch of scripts we use in production that make use of Windows credentials. In some cases, these scripts have an actual password in plain text, while others read the password from an XML file. Is there ... continue reading

A closer look at the Crescendo configuration

In my previous post, I looked at the details of a Crescendo output handler from my VssAdmin module. In this post, I explain the details of a cmdlet definition in the Crescendo JSON configuration file. The purpose of the configuration ... continue reading
ParseShadowStorage function

A closer look at the parsing code of a Crescendo output handler

In my previous post, I showed you how to parse the output from the netstat command. The output of netstat is not very complex. The goal of the post was to introduce some parsing strategies that you can use to ... continue reading
netstat output

Converting string output to objects

In my previous post, I talked about using Crescendo to create a PowerShell module for the vssadmin.exe command in Windows. As I explained, you have to write Output Handler code that parses the output of the command you are using ... continue reading
Customized property permission = ExtendedRights in ActiveDirectoryRights

Understanding Get-ACL and AD Drive Output

Understanding Active Directory ACL using PowerShell can be a bit tricky. There are no out-of-the-box cmdlets with ActiveDirectory PowerShell module to help in settings the permission quickly. While there are no cmdlets, you can nevertheless manage AD permissions using the ... continue reading