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Hyper-V Powering Windows Features

December 2019 Hyper-V is Microsoft’s hardware virtualization technology that initially released with Windows Server 2008 to support server virtualization and has since become a core component of many Microsoft products and features. These features range from enhancing security to empowering ... continue reading

Virtualization-Based Security: Enabled by Default

Virtualization-based Security (VBS) uses hardware virtualization features to create and isolate a secure region of memory from the normal operating system. Windows can use this "virtual secure mode" (VSM) to host a number of security solutions, providing them with greatly ... continue reading

VMware Workstation and Hyper-V – Working Together

Yesterday VMware demonstrated a pre-release version of VMware Workstation with early support for the Windows Hypervisor Platform in the What's New in VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation session at VMworld. In Windows 10 we have introduced many security features that ... continue reading

5/14: Hyper-V HyperClear Update

Four new speculative execution side channel vulnerabilities were announced today and affect a wide array of Intel processors. The list of affected processors includes Intel Xeon, Intel Core, and Intel Atom models. These vulnerabilities are referred to as CVE-2018-12126 Microarchitectural ... continue reading

What’s new for container identity

Identity is a crucial component of any application. Whether you’re authenticating users on a web app or trying to query data from a back-end server, chances are you’ll need to integrate with an identity provider. Containerized applications are no exception, ... continue reading
Sneak Peek: Taking a Spin with Enhanced Linux VMs

Sneak Peek: Taking a Spin with Enhanced Linux VMs

First published on TECHNET on Feb 28, 2018 **Update: This feature is now generally available. Please see our latest blog post to learn more** Whether you're a developer or an IT admin, virtual machines are familiar tools that allow users ... continue reading

Migrating local VM owner certificates for VMs with vTPM

First published on TECHNET on Dec 14, 2017 Whenever I want to replace or reinstall a system which is used to run virtual machines with a virtual trusted platform module (vTPM), I've been facing a challenge: For hosts that are ... continue reading
What's new in Hyper-V for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

What’s new in Hyper-V for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update?

First published on TECHNET on Nov 13, 2017 Windows 10 Fall Creators Update has arrived! While we’ve been blogging about new features as they appear in Windows Insider builds, many of you have asked for a consolidated list of Hyper-V ... continue reading
Create your custom Quick Create VM gallery

Create your custom Quick Create VM gallery

First published on TECHNET on Nov 08, 2017 Have you ever wondered whether it is possible to add your own custom images to the list of available VMs for Quick Create ? The answer is: Yes, you can! Since quite ... continue reading

A great way to collect logs for troubleshooting

First published on TECHNET on Oct 27, 2017 Did you ever have to troubleshoot issues within a Hyper-V cluster or standalone environment and found yourself switching between different event logs? Or did you repro something just to find out not ... continue reading