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Passwordless RDP with Windows Hello for Business

Windows Hello for Business (WHfB) provides a password-less experience for users to log into their Windows 10 or 11 device. However, a challenge remains when accessing remote systems. This can be via MMC console for example to access Active Directory ... continue reading

Permissions Management Terms and their Impact in Multicloud Environments

It seems that almost every day we’re hearing of new cloud security terms and acronyms. Navigating so many terms can be confusing and overwhelming, especially as many can have different meanings, depending on the context. To help guide you as ... continue reading
Enterprise Scale for Azure VMware Solution

Enterprise Scale for Azure VMware Solution

Enterprise Scale for Azure VMware Solution soon to be Azure VMware Solution Landing Zone Accelerator In this video, from the Azure VMware Solution digital event on March 23, 2022, learn from Sapna Jeswami, Technical Program Manager Microsoft and Prasad Gandham, ... continue reading

Removing Duplicate Device Objects from Configuration Manager with PowerShell

Hello everyone, Chris Vetter Customer Engineer at Microsoft back again to discuss an all-too-common problem and that is Duplicate Device Hostnames in Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager (MEMCM). This commonly tends to happen when performing an OSD Image on a ... continue reading
Getting to know Azure Arc

Getting to know Azure Arc

**I do want to state of course I’m an employee of Microsoft but links to any books or courses as part of my learning experience, I am not affiliated with. I don’t have affiliate links I’m just sharing what I ... continue reading

Move Azure VM to a New Virtual Network Subnet Using Terraform

Introduction Sometimes you create a server in Azure and only find out afterwards you need to change the Virtual Network is resides in. From the official Microsoft Documentation, we learn that this is normally a difficult task and, in some ... continue reading

Make Azure AD Identity Governance work for you!

As organizations around the world make the shift from remote to hybrid work, one thing is clear: the people who went home to work in 2020 are not the same people returning to the office in 2022. These two years ... continue reading
Azure Backup Monitoring and Alerting

Azure Backup Monitoring and Alerting

Hello Folks, If you’ve had to manage the backuprestore processes for your environment, you know how important keeping up with the status of said process. No one wants to end up having to recover a VM from an incomplete/failed backup ... continue reading
Enterprise Mode Site List Manager (schema v.2) tool

Configure IE Mode in Edge with Microsoft Endpoint (Intune)

Hi, my name is Ricardo Carvalho, I am a Customer Engineer working in Modern Workplace and Security in Portuguese Customer Success Unit team. With the Internet Explorer 11 desktop app retirement announced for next June 15, 2022, many customers started ... continue reading
Understand the state of devices across your organization in seconds

Understand the state of devices across your organization in seconds

Hello, In order to adopt a Zero Trust security approach, it’s critical to have full visibility and control across your environment to fully understand your risks. We strive to drive this seamless visibility in our Azure AD product experiences, and ... continue reading