How to Verify Your Hardware is Microsoft Logo Certified

How to find if your hardware has been certified by Microsoft.

Microsoft has an extensive and active program to certify hardware and software from Microsoft partners.  This certification includes numerous software tests which verify that the hardware or software product works correctly in a Microsoft infrastructure.

Components that can be certified include all active hardware and software components including hardware components such as Motherboards, CPU, add-on cards or complete servers including all hardware and software components which is the Certification.

The Certified for 2016 logo identifies hardware components, devices, drivers, systems, and solutions that meet Microsoft standards for compatibility and recommended practices with the 2016 operating system. Products and Solutions that have earned the Certified for Windows Server logo are also fully supported in environment.

To check if a hardware or software component or a complete server has been officially certified, you can do a search on the Microsoft website Windows Server Catalog.

When on the Windows Server Catalog, use the navigation, or the keyword search for your component or server model number.

Windows Server Catalog website

Search results for Mellanox Connectx-4 cards.

Windows Server Catalog search results

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