Expanding Virtual HDs managed by Windows Failover Cluster

How to expand a VHD or VHDx Virtual Hard Drive of Windows Cluster Services hosts.

This article explains expand a or VHDx Virtual Hard Drive on hosts under the control of Windows Services. This operation is done while the VM is down or offline.

Cluster Manager

Use the Manager to expand the file.

  • Log into one of the cluster nodes
  • Start the Cluster Manager console
  • Shutdown the
Shutdown the VM

Expand the VHD file

  • Right-click the attached to the to expand
  • Note:  A VHD may be connected to more than one VM
  • Select Settings
Select VM Settings
  • Under the Hardware section select Hard Drive
  • Select the Edit button

This will start the Edit Virtual Hard Disk Wizard

Edit Hard Drive Wizard

Click NEXT then select the Expand Option to expand the VHD

Expand VHD Wizard

Enter the new size for the VHD

Expand Wizard

Select Finish and the VHD is expanded

Edit Wizard done

Expand VHD disk partition

  • Start the VM
  • Log into the VM with a console
  • Start the “Create and format hard disk partitions” where you can adjust the partition size.  We use the Find function.  Disk Manager is also located inside of “Computer Management”
Find Disk Manager

Find the disk for the VHD you have expanded. It will have Unallocated space at the end.

Expand Partition

Extend the VHD Volume partition

  • Right-click the active partition and click “Extend Volume” to extend the partition to utilize the additional hard disk size.
  • Then we enter the Extend Volume Wizard, where we can increase the size of the partition. If you select the defaults, the partition will be extended to the full size of the VHD.
Extend Volume

Now resize the volume

Partition Expanded

And the Volume is expanded and concatenated.

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  5. Do you have to actually shutdown the VM? I’ve just done one in a Cluster and you can do this without shutting down the VM.

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