Create the Windows Cluster

How to create a Windows Cluster for domain joined systems.

This article covers the creation of a Windows 2016 or 2012r2  on the domain joined systems.

Log onto one of the systems using a domain administrator account. This procedure is run on only one node.

Run the following PowerShell command:

Test-Cluster –Node node-1,node-2

This process will typically report completion with warning messages. We can still continue on and create the . We will come back at the end and handle outstanding warning issues. The warnings in this case say that we have only single connections to Node-1 and Node-2 which is not . If the warnings look more severe, then this process can be run from the Cluster Manager Console which will display complete error and warning reports interactively.

Run the following command to create the cluster.


Select relevant node and cluster names for your environment.

New-Cluster -Name MyCluster -Node node-1,node-2 -NoStorage -StaticAddress


The -NoStorage parameter was selected so we can include only the relevant resources. By default, the New-Cluster will move all discovered to the cluster as a resource.

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