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Articles From Argon Systems

Building and Maintaining a Microsoft Cloud

Step-by-step technical articles documenting how to deploy and manage a hyper-converged Microsoft cloud infrastructure with Windows Server 2016.

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KB5 - 1 Error Message

Windows Can’t Be Installed On Drive…

When installing Windows onto a new system and the target drive was previously used for another purpose or operating environment, the Windows Installer sometimes fails with the message “Windows can’t be installed on drive …” When the Windows Installer attempts to install on a ... continue reading
Shutdown the VM

Expanding Virtual HDs managed by Windows Failover Cluster

How to expand a VHD or VHDx Virtual Hard Drive on hosts under the control of Windows Cluster Services while the VM is down or offline.continue reading

Clearing Disks on Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct

Clear out old storage pools, virtual disks and meta data left behind on hard drives on Storage Spaces Direct infrastructures.continue reading
Hyperconvergence Lab Overview

Storage Spaces Direct – Lab Environment Setup

This article discusses the lab configuration built to test the features and operation of Windows 2016 Storage Spaces Direct as a complete hyper-converged server infrastructure. Argon Systems has partnered with hardware technology companies Supermicro and Mellanox to build a reference ... continue reading