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Provisioning for true zero-touch secure identity management for IoT

When you’re on a mission to deliver an awesome, complex IoT experience, the last thing you want to be doing is babysitting device identities at any stage of your solution. If you’re building a smart vehicle experience, you want to ... continue reading

Simplifying OPC UA security for everyone

At the IoT Expo in Taipei, we were excited to announce our contribution of an open-source, cross-platform OPC UA Global Discovery Server (GDS) to the OPC Foundation. As we have done with our UA-.Net Standard cross-platform reference stack contribution, we ... continue reading

Events, Data Points, and Messages – Choosing the right Azure messaging service for your data

With the introduction of Event Grid, Microsoft Azure now offers an even greater choice of messaging infrastructure options. The expanded messaging service fleet consists of the Service Bus message broker, the Event Hubs streaming platform, and the new Event Grid ... continue reading

Seven reasons why so many Node.js devs are excited about Microsoft Azure

Node.js is arguably one of the most popular technologies in use on the cloud. Many devs all over the world have embraced this platform which, according to the 2017 survey by the Node.js Foundation, is being enjoyed by those who ... continue reading

Windows Authentication in Service Fabric and ASP.NET Core 2.0

Recently, I worked on a Service Fabric solution for a customer, where my team had to configure secure communication capabilities to existing reliable (stateless) services, built on top of the ASP.NET Core 2.0 framework. More specifically, we had to configure ... continue reading

Azure Stream Analytics drives retail industry transformation with real-time insights

Over the past decade very few industries have experienced the pace of transformation as much as the retail sector. Driven by competition from innovative online merchants, traditional retailers are having to adapt quickly and transform themselves into efficient omnichannel players ... continue reading

Bot conversation history with Azure Cosmos DB

The Bot Framework provides a service for tracking the context of a conversation, called Bot Framework State. It enables you to store and retrieve data associated with a user, conversation or a specific user within the context of a conversation ... continue reading

Automation of Azure Analysis Services with Service Principals and PowerShell

Azure Analysis Services presents opportunities for the automation of administrative tasks including server provisioning, scale up/down, pause/resume, model management, data refresh, deployment, among others. This can leverage cloud efficiencies and helps ensure the repeatability and reliability of mission-critical systems. Such ... continue reading

Create your own pfSense on Azure

pfSense is a widely used open-source Firewall product. Azure provides the commercial version of pfSense, but for some open-source fans, they'd like to create their own pfSense on cloud. Here is an example of how to create your own pfSense ... continue reading