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Tick Tock, Time to Configure the Clock: Time Settings and Controls in the Modern Environment

When the clock strikes twelve…it’s time to get to work. Hello, and welcome back to this ongoing series discussion about Windows Time. My name is Tim Medina, and today we are going to look at some of the configuration items ... continue reading

Tick Tock, Time to Catch Up: What’s New with Windows Time in Windows Server 2019

Stay a while and….oh wait wrong place. Welcome! My name is Tim Medina, Senior PFE with Microsoft and today we are going to look at what’s new with Windows Time for Server 2019 (part 1 of a 3 part series) ... continue reading

Breaking into Windows Server 2019: Network Features: Accurate Network Time (Seriously!)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Brandon Wilson here to give a quick heads up to all of our outstanding readers about a new blog series being posted by the Windows Core Networking team on the Top 10 networking features in Windows Server ... continue reading