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MSRT June 2017: Removing sneaky Xiazai

MSRT June 2017: Removing sneaky Xiazai

In the June release of the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), we’re adding Xiazai, a widespread family of browser modifiers that we have blocked and removed from millions of computers since 2015. Xiazai is a software bundler that can ... continue reading

Breaking down a notably sophisticated tech support scam M.O.

(Note: Our Tech support scams FAQ page has the latest info on this type of threat, including scammer tactics, fake error messages, and the latest scammer hotlines.) The cornerstone of tech support scams is the deception that there is something ... continue reading

Ransomware: A declining nuisance or an evolving menace?

The volume of ransomware encounters is on a downward trend. Are we seeing the beginning of the end of this vicious threat? Unfortunately, a look at the attack vectors, the number of unique families released into the wild, and the ... continue reading