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Marketplace E-Commerce Solution flow chart

Real-time event processing with Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Event Grid integration

Most modern applications are built using events whether it is reacting to changes coming from IoT devices, responding to a new listing in a marketplace solution, or initiating business processes from customer requests. PostgreSQL is a popular open source database ... continue reading

Two considerations for a serverless data streaming scenario

We recently published a blog on a fraud detection solution delivered to banking customers. At the core of the solution is the requirement to completely process a streaming pipeline of telemetry data in real time using a serverless architecture. Two ... continue reading
Rapid Commerce solution benefits table

Modernize your commerce platform with Rapid Commerce solution

Today’s consumers are using more devices and channels to interact with retailers than ever before. Seamless service across all channels is the expectation, not the exception. Digital-first brands are raising the bar for hyper-personalized experiences through their test-and-learn approach to ... continue reading
A New Metric

New metric in Azure Stream Analytics tracks latency of your streaming pipeline

Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed service for real-time data processing. Stream Analytics jobs read data from input sources like Azure Event Hubs or IoT Hub. They can perform a variety of tasks from simple ETL and archiving to ... continue reading