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PowerTip: Use PowerShell to read an RSS feed

Summary: “Hey, Scripting Guy!” shows you how to use Invoke-RestMethod to read a list of entries from an RSS feed. How can I use Windows PowerShell to see the list of articles from an RSS feed? Just use the Invoke-RestMethod ... continue reading

PowerShell and the REST API for the IT pro

Summary: This post provides a quick introduction to what the REST API is, and how it applies to Windows PowerShell. Q: Hey, Scripting Guy! I can see there is this cool cmdlet called Invoke-RestMethod. I've been told REST API's are ... continue reading

Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part V)

Summary: Rey is skilled in PowerShell, and new to Contoso Holly Jolly Hat Company. Already she has been a great boon to her new co-workers and had her sneakers become the subject of a hungry trash robot. She was just ... continue reading

Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part IV)

Summary: A quick recap shall we? Newly graduated from IT training and future guru in the world of Windows PowerShell, Rey Skyworker has been hired on by her mentor, Ben Kerberosie. Already, she has helped peers from her team improve ... continue reading

Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part III)

Summary: When last we saw our hero, Rey Skyworker, she was aiding her new co-worker, Tin. They managed to implement better error trapping by using the "Try Catch" statement in Windows PowerShell. The fact they could do this so easily ... continue reading

Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part II)

Summary: Yesterday, we met a newly graduated IT professional, Rey Skyworker, as she discussed the ways of "The Farce." It was during this discussion that her instructor, Ben Kerberosie, discovered she had a natural gift in understanding how to implement ... continue reading

Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part I)

Summary: Seven years ago, “Hey, Scripting Guy!” was approached by a member of the community to see if we would be interested in doing something a little fun for the holidays. The result was a seven-part series called “A PowerShell ... continue reading