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Azure Automation: Shutting Down Custom Tagged Virtual Machines

Hello everyone! Christopher Scott, Premier Field Engineer. I have recently transitioned into an automation role and like most people my first thought was to setup a scheduled task to shutdown and startup Virtual Machines (VMs) to drive down consumption costs ... continue reading

Script Wars: The Farce Awakens (part V)

Summary: Rey is skilled in PowerShell, and new to Contoso Holly Jolly Hat Company. Already she has been a great boon to her new co-workers and had her sneakers become the subject of a hungry trash robot. She was just ... continue reading

Monitoring Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and On-premises Datacenters #Azure #MSOMS #Cloud

Microsoft Azure Monitor There are a range of tools for monitoring your Azure environment, from the application code running on Azure to the services and infrastructure hosting your application. These tools work together to offer comprehensive cloud monitoring and include: ... continue reading

Monitoring Azure SQL Data Sync using OMS Log Analytics

Azure SQL Data Sync is a solution which enables customers to easily synchronize data either bidirectionally or unidirectionally between multiple Azure SQL databases and/or on-premises SQL Databases. Previously, users had to manually look at SQL Azure Data Sync in the ... continue reading

Identity and Rights Management in CSP model – Part 2

The CSP program is currently rolling out at scale and many service providers are embarking on the journey to provide management infrastructure services for their customers. In addition to the first article about Identity in CSP, we will show more ... continue reading

Demo: Designating a Runbook Worker in System Center 2016 Service Management Automation (SMA)

With the release of System Center 2016 Technical Preview 5, Service Management Automation allows you to designate on which runbook worker your runbooks will run. In this video, Snehith Muvva, Program Manager at Microsoft, shows users how to use this ... continue reading

Demo: PowerShell Script Runbook Support in Service Management Automation (SMA)

In this video, Snehith Muvva, Program Manager at Microsoft, showcases the support for the new PowerShell Script type runbooks. In the demo, you can see how to create and run PowerShell Script type runbooks in Service Management Automation. You can ... continue reading

8 Steps for Using Azure AD Service Principal Certificate Authentication with Azure Automation PowerShell Workflow Runbooks

Lately, I’ve been working with several customers that are getting started with Azure Automation runbooks to help operationalize their Microsoft Azure subscriptions. As part of this process, runbooks need to securely authenticate to Azure with a minimum of administration overhead.  ... continue reading