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GDPR How-to: Get organized and implement the right processes

Achieving compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the new data privacy law from the European Union (EU), is not a one-time activity but is an ongoing process. When the GDPR goes into effect on May 25, 2018, individuals ... continue reading

#Microsoft Azure Log Analytics Query Playground Available #MSOMS #Azure #Analytics #HybridCloud

Azure Log Analytics You can access Log Analytics through the OMS portal or the Azure portal which run in any browser and provide you with access to configuration settings and multiple tools to analyze and act on collected data. From ... continue reading

#AzureSQLDW cost savings with optimized for elasticity and Azure Functions – part 1

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is Microsoft’s SQL analytics platform, the backbone of your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). The service is designed to allow customers to elastically, and independently, scale compute and storage with massively parallel processing. SQL DW integrates seamlessly ... continue reading

How Azure Security Center unveils suspicious PowerShell attack

In honor of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), we have a new post in our series highlighting real-world attacks that Azure Security Center helped detect, investigate, and mitigate. This post is about an attack which used PowerShell to run malicious ... continue reading

Announcing Azure Building Blocks

I am pleased to announce the release of Azure Building Blocks, a set of tools and Azure Resource Manager templates that are designed to simplify deployment of Azure resources. Azure Resource Manager templates are very powerful, yet at the same ... continue reading

Implementing Multiple AGPM Servers

Hi Everyone, Paulo here, a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer (PFE), recently I have had several customers querying about how to deploy multiple AGPM Servers per Forest/Domain. As you know AGPM was designed to centralize change control over Group Policies so ... continue reading

Get the most out of your Azure portal experience

Hello, Azure friends! If you manage Azure resources, you’re probably already familiar with the Azure portal. In this blog post, I’d like to highlight some of the experiences and capabilities that you can take advantage of to get the most ... continue reading

#ProjectHonolulu the new future of Windows Server GUI management #servermgmt #SMT #winserv

As Azure Server management tools discontinued the SMT preview service in Azure on June 30, 2017 and we where stuck to Windows Server management such as Remote Desktop, Server Manager, Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT), and other MMC-based management tools ... continue reading

Use Microsoft Azure #Cloud Shell for Management #Azure #CLI #Powershell

Overview of Microsoft Azure Cloud Shell PowerShell in the Azure Portal… Almost! ... continue reading