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Thumbnail from Scott Guthrie's keynote at Microsoft Connect(); 2018

Azure.Source – Volume 61

Microsoft Connect(); 2018 On Tuesday, December 4th, Microsoft Connect(); 2018 provided a full day of developer-focused content—including updates on Azure and Visual Studio, keynotes, demos, and real-time coding with experts. Scott Guthrie’s keynote provided all the Azure and Visual Studio ... continue reading
Screenshot of Key Vault references for Application Settings (now in public preview)

Azure.Source – Volume 60

Now in preview Simplifying security for serverless and web apps with Azure Functions and App Service New security features for Azure App Service and Azure Functions reduce the amount of code you need to work with identities and secrets under ... continue reading
Architecture of cloud-edge consistent confidential computing framework showing where the Open Enclave API and abstraction fits in intelligent edge scenarios based on Azure IoT Edge. Open Enclave API offers the interface between TEE and a non-TEE environment commonly known as the Rich Execution Environment (REE). Underneath the Open Enclave API, adopters have the option of choosing Open Enclave SDK or an equivalent implementation from a third party offering.

Azure.Source – Volume 59

Now in preview Simplifying confidential computing: Azure IoT Edge security with enclaves – Public preview Azure IoT Edge is a fully managed service that delivers cloud intelligence locally by deploying Azure AI, Azure services, and custom logic directly on edge ... continue reading
Photograph of an Azure Sphere device

Azure.Source – Volume 58

Now in preview Update 18.11 for Azure Sphere in public preview This is an update to the Azure Sphere Operating System, Azure Sphere Security Service, and Visual Studio development environment. This release includes substantial investments in our security infrastructure and ... continue reading
Illustration stating Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a fast, flexible, and secure hub for analytics.

Azure.Source – Volume 57

PASS Summit v.20 PASS Summit is the largest conference for technical professionals who leverage the Microsoft Data Platform. The 20th summit, which took place in Seattle last week, played host to a number of Azure-related announcements. Harness the future with ... continue reading
Solution diagram showing Hybrid Cloud with Avere vFXT for Azure

Azure.Source – Volume 56

Now in preview Local testing with live data means faster development with Azure Stream Analytics Live data local testing is now available for public preview in Azure Stream Analytics Visual Studio tools, which enables you to test jobs locally from ... continue reading
Screenshot of Azure Secure score in the Azure portal

Azure.Source – Volume 55

Now in preview Public preview: Named Entity Recognition in the Cognitive Services Text Analytics API The Text Analytics API is a cloud-based service that provides advanced natural language processing over raw text, and includes four main functions: sentiment analysis, key ... continue reading