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Screenshot showing Windows Containers in Azure App Service pricing tiers

Azure.Source – Volume 44

Now in preview Announcing the public preview of Windows Container Support in Azure App Service - Windows Server Containers in Web App are now available in public preview. Azure App Service provides pre-defined application stacks on Windows like ASP.NET or ... continue reading
Diagram showing a sample hierarchy of Azure management groups

Azure.Source – Volume 43

Now in preview Announcing public preview of Azure IoT Hub manual failover feature - IoT Hub cloud service manual failover enables customers to failover an IoT hub instance from its primary Azure region to its corresponding geo-paired region with a ... continue reading
Screenshot of Azure Advisor recommendations in the Azure portal.

Azure.Source – Volume 42

Now in preview Azure App Service now supports Java SE on Linux - Support for Java SE 8-based applications on Linux in Azure App Service is now available in public preview. Now you can build and deploy Java web apps ... continue reading

Azure.Source – Volume 41

Now in preview Azure Service Fabric Mesh is now in public preview - Azure Service Fabric Mesh is a fully-managed service that enables developers to deploy and operate containerized applications without having to manage VMs, storage or networking configuration, while ... continue reading
Vertical bar chart comparing query run time in  for 30 TB data on Amazon Redshift and Azure SQL DW

Azure.Source – Volume 40

Highlights New Azure innovation advances customer success for the cloud- and AI-powered future - In preparation for Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas this week (where partners and Microsoft meet to connect, learn, and collaborate to accelerate the digital transformation and ... continue reading
Screenshot of Azure Cosmos DB Explorer showing PXDraw project

Azure.Source – Volume 39

Now in preview Azure Event Hubs and Service Bus VNET Service Endpoints in public preview - Azure Event Hubs and Service Bus joins the growing list of Azure services enabled for Virtual Network Service Endpoints. Virtual Network (VNet) service endpoints ... continue reading
Architectural diagram illustrating an Azure Elastic Database Jobs solution

Azure.Source – Volume 38

Announcements at GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit Microsoft from GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit: New Azure innovations will advance the intelligent cloud and intelligent edge - Mark Russinovich CTO, Microsoft Azure, covers announcements he made at the GeekWire Cloud Tech Summit. He ... continue reading
Azure.Source - Volume 37

Azure.Source – Volume 37

Big Data Analytics Microsoft deepens its commitment to Apache Hadoop and open source analytics - Last week, Hortonworks hosted the DataWorks Summit in San Jose, California, which is billed as the world’s premier big data community event for everything data ... continue reading
Screenshot showing Azure Alerts Smart Groups in the Azure portal

Azure.Source – Volume 36

Now in preview Azure Blob Storage lifecycle management in public preview - Both Blob-Level Tiering and Archive Storage help you optimize storage performance and cost. Blob-Level Tiering enables you to transition blobs between the Hot, Cool, and Archive tiers without ... continue reading