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Enabling Smart Manufacturing with Edge Computing

Smart Manufacturing envisions a future where factory equipment can make autonomous decisions based on what’s happening on the factory floor. Businesses can more easily integrate all steps of the manufacturing process including design, manufacturing, supply chain and operation. This facilitates ... continue reading

Using STMicroelectronics starter kits to connect to Azure IoT in minutes

Microsoft partners with silicon vendors such as STMicroelectronics to simplify and accelerate the development of embedded systems, so our customers can move projects from proof of concepts to production faster. One of the most common issues in IoT project development ... continue reading

Use Azure Data Lake Analytics to query AVRO data from IoT Hub

Recently a customer asked me how to read blob data produced from the routing capability of Azure IoT Hub. To provide this customer with a complete answer, I put together a step-by-step guide that I am happy to share with ... continue reading

Digging in with Azure IoT: Our interactive developer guide

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents many compelling opportunities for developers With the right tools and guidance, it doesn’t need to be intimidating. The conceptual and technical differences between IoT and traditional web and application are relatively easy to grasp ... continue reading

Using the Azure IoT Python SDK: make sure you check the version!

Since the release in 2016, developers are using our Azure IoT Python SDK to write device and back-end applications to connect to Azure IoT Hub and Device Provisioning Service, as well as writing modules for Azure IoT Edge (preview). Python ... continue reading
Azure IoT on Serverless Hackathon

Bring the power of serverless to your IoT application and compete for cash prizes

It is hard these days to not walk past something which is connected to the Internet in some way. These things are everywhere - desks, pockets, wrists, walls, kitchens, vehicles, factories, traffic stops, grocery shops… the list goes on and ... continue reading

The edge of possibility: best practices for IoT-driven infrastructure transformation

Corporate IT infrastructure has changed a lot in the past decade. From a relatively simple bounded space, with a defined “inside” and “outside,” IT networks have evolved to incorporate a wider range of devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and ... continue reading
#GlobalAzure BootCamp Day for the Community – Microsoft #Azure Overview Info

#GlobalAzure BootCamp Day for the Community – Microsoft #Azure Overview Info

I wish everyone around the world an Awesome Global Azure BootCamp ! Here are some Microsoft Azure links for Information : Create your Azure Free Account Today here Microsoft Azure Get started documentation Microsoft Azure Technical Docs Online Microsoft Azure ... continue reading

Build a Company in #Azure Video

Content – The Azure Portal 00:05:00 – Networking in Azure 00:10:12 – Azure Virtual Machines 00:22:16 – Containers and Kubernetes Orchestration 00:50:57 – Directory Services and Azure AD 01:03:39 – DevTest Labs 01:18:23 – Backup and Disaster Recovery 01:29:48 – ... continue reading