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Using AI and IoT for disaster management

In countries around the world, natural disasters have been much in the news. If you had a hunch such calamities were increasing, you’re right. In 2017, hurricanes, earthquakes, and wildfires cost $306 billion worldwide, nearly double 2016’s losses of $188 ... continue reading
Astadia UI Automation Test Engineering Environment

Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 25

We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. From October 16 to October 31, 2018, 49 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below: Virtual machines Astadia UI Automation Test Engineering ... continue reading

CISO series: Build in security from the ground up with Azure enterprise

As an executive security advisor at Microsoft and a former CISO, I meet with other CISOs every week to discuss cybersecurity, cloud architecture, and sometimes everything under the sun regarding technology. During these discussions with CISOs and other senior security ... continue reading
Diagram showing a server in Building 5 replicating with a server in Building 9

Step by Step Server-to-server storage replication with Windows Server 2019 Storage Replica #WindowsAdminCenter #StorageReplica #WindowsServer2019 #ReFS #SR #Azure

In the old days all File servers where on one place, and if you want to replicate data you needed a extra tool to do this. Now days its already build in into Windows server. Storage replica can be used ... continue reading

DSC Resource Kit Release October 2018

We just released the DSC Resource Kit! This release includes updates to 9 DSC resource modules. In the past 6 weeks, 126 pull requests have been merged and 79 issues have been closed, all thanks to our amazing community! The ... continue reading
#Microsoft Azure Hub-Spoke model by Enterprise Design 1 of 4 #Azure #Cloud

#Microsoft Azure Hub-Spoke model by Enterprise Design 1 of 4 #Azure #Cloud

Azure Hub-Spoke Architecture Microsoft Azure Hub-Spoke Architecture This Enterprise reference architecture shows how to implement a hub-spoke topology in Azure. The hub is a virtual network (VNet) in Azure that acts as a central point of connectivity to your on-premises ... continue reading
Does Disabling User/Computer GPO Settings Make Processing Quicker?

Does Disabling User/Computer GPO Settings Make Processing Quicker?

Hi everyone! Graeme Bray with you again today to talk about an age old discussion point. Does Group Policy process quicker if you disable the User/Computer sections of a specific policy? We’re going to walk through my lab setup, grabbing ... continue reading

Leap Seconds for the IT Pro: What you need to know

Hi Everybody – Program Manager Dan Cuomo here to tell you, the IT Pro, everything you need to know about Leap Seconds on Windows. If you saw our recent blog series on the Top 10 Networking Features, you may have ... continue reading
KMS Activation in Windows Server 2019

KMS Activation in Windows Server 2019

Hi! I’m Graeme Bray and you may remember me from previous articles such as KMS Activation for Windows Server 2016. Today’s installment will coincide with a new Windows Server release. I’m going to focus on getting you to enable AD ... continue reading