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Geo-DR config

How to configure Azure SQL Database Geo-DR with Azure Key Vault

Azure SQL Database and Data Warehouse offer encryption-at-rest by providing Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for all data written to disk, including databases, log files and backups. This protects data in case of unauthorized access to hardware. TDE provides a TDE ... continue reading

Virtual Machine Serial Console access

Ever since I started working on the Virtual Machine (VM) platform in Azure, there has been one feature request that I consistently hear customers asking for us to build. I don’t think words can describe how excited I am to ... continue reading
Microsoft #Azure DevTest LAB is Great for #Education and #DevOps

Microsoft #Azure DevTest LAB is Great for #Education and #DevOps

Azure DevTest Labs can be used to implement many key scenarios in addition to dev/test. One of those scenarios is to set up a lab for training. Azure DevTest Labs allows you to create a lab where you can provide ... continue reading

Build a Company in #Azure Video

Content – The Azure Portal 00:05:00 – Networking in Azure 00:10:12 – Azure Virtual Machines 00:22:16 – Containers and Kubernetes Orchestration 00:50:57 – Directory Services and Azure AD 01:03:39 – DevTest Labs 01:18:23 – Backup and Disaster Recovery 01:29:48 – ... continue reading

Deploying WordPress Application using Visual Studio Team Services and Azure – Part two

This post is the second part of two blog posts describing how to setup a CI/CD pipeline using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) for deploying a Dockerized custom WordPress website working with Azure WebApp for Containers and Azure Database for ... continue reading

Modernize index maintenance with Resumable Online Index Rebuild

As we know, the index is one of the most powerful tools for optimizing database performance. As you insert, update, and delete rows, indexes become more fragmented and less effective. Because of this, DBAs regularly do index rebuild operations. With ... continue reading
AWESOME #Microsoft Azure E-Books for your #Cloud Journey Today #Azure #AzureStack

AWESOME #Microsoft Azure E-Books for your #Cloud Journey Today #Azure #AzureStack

Download Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide Here Each organization has a unique journey to the cloud based on its own starting point, its history, its culture, and its goals. This document is designed to meet you wherever you are on ... continue reading
IT Strategy

Four IT skills with sky-high prospects

Staying on top of new technologies is always important, but what skills will help an IT professional become more influential in the workplace? And what role does certification play? Recent findings from a Microsoft-sponsored IDC white paper, “Cloud Skills and ... continue reading

Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide – free download

This blog post is co-authored by Joachim Hafner, Cloud Solution Architect We’re pleased to offer a free e-book for those of you who are new to Azure or in the beginning stages of planning a cloud migration: the Azure Strategy ... continue reading