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Migrating to Azure SQL Database with Zero Downtime for Read-Only Workloads

Special thanks to MSAsset engineering team’s Peter Liu (Senior Software Engineer) and Shail Batra (Principal Software Engineering Manager) for sharing their migration story with the Azure SQL Database product team. Microsoft uses an internally written service called MSAsset to manage ... continue reading

New reference architecture for Jenkins on Azure

The patterns & practices (p&p) group of the Azure Customer Advisory Team (Azure CAT), has published a new reference architecture for deploying and running a Jenkins server on Azure with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Jenkins is a powerful open source tool ... continue reading

New SCOM Web Console – Blog series (Post 5/5): Sample Custom Dashboard walkthrough

About SCOM 1801 marks the release of REST APIs for SCOM SDK. Using these APIs a user can create any custom client application of their own. This blog aims at walking the user through a scenario where a complete standalone ... continue reading

New SCOM Web Console – Blog series (Post 4/5): The all new Drilldown experience

About This blog aims at introducing the all new drilldown experience added as part of the new dashboard with SCOM 1801 release. For details on implementation and other parameters please refer to the After going through this blog a user ... continue reading

Overview of Petya, a rapid cyberattack

In the first blog post of this 3-part series, we introduced what rapid cyberattacks are and illustrated how they are different in terms of execution and outcome. Next, we will go into some more details on the Petya (aka NotPetya) ... continue reading

A smaller Windows Server Core Container with better Application Compatibility

In Windows Server Insider Preview Build 17074 released on Tuesday Jan 16, 2018, there are some exciting improvements to Windows Server containers that we’d like to share with you. We’d love for you to test out the build, especially the ... continue reading

#Microsoft Azure Security Center Overview #Cloud #Security #HybridCloud #Azure

Microsoft Azure Security Center provides unified security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads. With Security Center, you can apply security policies across your workloads, limit your exposure to threats, and detect and respond to attacks. You can ... continue reading

Part 2 Ultimate Step to Remote Desktop Services HTML5 QuickStart Deployment #RDS #VDI #RDP #RDmi

Ready for Part 2 of the RDS setup.  As I did already an step by Step Step by Step Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services QuickStart Deployment  #RDS #VDI #RDP #RemoteApp Step by Step Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services QuickStart Deployment ... continue reading

Single Host Shielded VMs Lab/PoC

Hi, Matthew Walker again. Virtualization and High Availability PFE. Recently I worked with a few of my co-workers to present a lab on building out Shielded VMs and I thought this would be useful for those of you out there ... continue reading