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How pharma sales operations benefit from centralizing data and process integration

Pharmaceutical companies need to meet demanding sales goals, manage intricate regulatory compliance, and maintain a competitive hold on the market. However, current sales force automation (SFA) solutions for the life sciences industry are focused primarily on sales reps, which leaves ... continue reading
Functional architecture sample of a Java Spring Boot microservices application called po-service

Modernize your Java Spring Boot application with Azure Database for MySQL

This blog post is co-authored by Parikshit Savjani, Senior Program Manager, Azure OSS Database service. Spring is a well-known Java-based framework for building web and enterprise applications addressing the modern business needs. One of the advantages of using the Spring ... continue reading
Customer subscription flow chart

Azure Cosmos DB and multi-tenant systems

In this blog post, we will discuss how to build a multi-tenant system on Azure Cosmos DB. Azure Cosmos DB itself is a multi-tenant PaaS offering on Microsoft Azure. Building a multi-tenant system on another multi-tenant system can be challenging, ... continue reading
flow chart for the various layers of security provided by Cosmos DB

How to develop secure applications using Azure Cosmos DB

Before we begin to discuss how to develop secure applications using Azure Cosmos DB, we should also highlight some of the different layers of security that Azure Cosmos DB offers. The following image illustrates these various layers of security: Azure ... continue reading
Azure Cosmos DB and Linkurious logos

Visualize your Cosmos DB Gremlin API graph data with Linkurious enterprise

Data visualization is one of the most critical components for any kind of solution, and graph databases are no different. For Azure Cosmos DB, a highly-scalable and enterprise-ready visualization solution has been a common ask from customers. The need to ... continue reading
Marketplace E-Commerce Solution flow chart

Real-time event processing with Azure Database for PostgreSQL and Event Grid integration

Most modern applications are built using events whether it is reacting to changes coming from IoT devices, responding to a new listing in a marketplace solution, or initiating business processes from customer requests. PostgreSQL is a popular open source database ... continue reading
Static Data Masking

Static Data Masking for Azure SQL Database and SQL Server

The SQL Security team is pleased to share the public preview release of Static Data Masking. Static Data Masking is a data protection feature that helps users sanitize sensitive data in a copy of their SQL databases. Use cases Static ... continue reading
xTuple log in

Run your LOB applications with PostgreSQL powered by the plv8 extension

We are extremely excited to share that the plv8 extension for PostgreSQL is now enabled in all generally available regions of Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL. The plv8 extension was one of the highly requested UserVoice asks from our growing ... continue reading
MyServer - Alert rules

Best practices for alerting on metrics with Azure Database for PostgreSQL monitoring

Whether you are a developer, database administrator, site reliability engineer, or a DevOps professional, monitoring databases is an important part of maintaining the reliability, availability, and performance of your PostgreSQL server. There are various metrics available for you in Microsoft ... continue reading