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“Incomplete Communication with Cluster” with local Storage Space for SQL Server cluster

When building a SANless SQL Server cluster with SIOS DataKeeper, or when configuring Always On Availability Groups for SQL Server, you may consider striping together multiple disk in a Simple Storage Space (RAID 0) for performance. This is very commonly ... continue reading
Everything you need to know about Windows Server 2019 – Part 2

Everything you need to know about Windows Server 2019 – Part 2

This blog post was co-authored by Haley Rowland, Jeff Woolsey, Ned Pyle, and Samuel Li, Program Managers, Windows Server. Hybrid is the destination, not the journey. Millions of our customers rely on their Windows Server investments to run their business ... continue reading
Diagram showing connectivity isolation with VNet service endpoints

Azure.Source – Volume 45

Now generally available Announcing VNet service endpoints general availability for MySQL and PostgreSQL - Virtual network service endpoints for Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL in all regions where the service is available for General Purpose and Memory Optimized servers ... continue reading

Azure #HDInsight Apache Phoenix now supports Zeppelin

The HDInsight team is excited to announce Apache Zeppelin Support for Apache Phoenix Phoenix in Azure HDInsight Apache Phoenix is an open source, massively parallel relational database layer built on HBase. Phoenix allows you to use SQL like queries over ... continue reading

Another month, another Windows Admin Center update – Preview 1808

The August update for Windows Admin Center Preview is now available to Windows Insiders! The monthly preview releases include new tools and capabilities marked as PREVIEW for evaluation and testing while the core platform continues to be production-ready. For IT ... continue reading
Screenshot showing Windows Containers in Azure App Service pricing tiers

Azure.Source – Volume 44

Now in preview Announcing the public preview of Windows Container Support in Azure App Service - Windows Server Containers in Web App are now available in public preview. Azure App Service provides pre-defined application stacks on Windows like ASP.NET or ... continue reading

How to enhance HDInsight security with service endpoints

HDInsight enterprise customers work with some of the most sensitive data in the world. They want to be able to lock down access to this data at the networking layer as well. However, while service endpoints have been available in ... continue reading

Getting started with IoT: driving business action through analytics and automation

Whether you’re looking for in-the-moment insights or long-term trends, the value of information is only as good as its usefulness for your business. Some information must be acted upon immediately, but it can also be stored for long-term, big-picture analysis ... continue reading
Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019: #7 SDN Goes Mainstream

Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019: #7 SDN Goes Mainstream

Authors: Greg Cusanza, Schumann Ge Share On: Twitter Share On: LinkedIn This blog is part of a series for the Top 10 Networking Features in Windows Server 2019! Look for the Try it out sections then give us some feedback ... continue reading