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Graphic representing Azure Functions

An Azure Function orchestrates a real-time, serverless, big data pipeline

Although it’s not a typical use case for Azure Functions, a single Azure function is all it took to fully implement an end-to-end, real-time, mission-critical data pipeline for a fraud detection scenario. And it was done with a serverless architecture ... continue reading
HDInsight Storage example

Azure HDInsight integration with Data Lake Storage Gen2 preview – ACL and security update

Today we are sharing an update to the Azure HDInsight integration with Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2. This integration will enable HDInsight customers to drive analytics from the data stored in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 using popular ... continue reading

Get up to speed with Azure HDInsight: The comprehensive guide

Azure HDInsight is an easy, cost-effective, enterprise-grade service for open source analytics. With HDInsight, you get managed clusters for various Apache big data technologies, such as Spark, MapReduce, Kafka, Hive, HBase, Storm and ML Services backed by a 99.9% SLA ... continue reading

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 preview – More features, more performance, better availability

Since we announced the limited public preview of Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 in June, the response has been resounding. Customers participating in the ADLS Gen2 preview have directly benefitted from the scale, performance, security, manageability, and cost-effectiveness inherent ... continue reading
Spark Local Console

Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ – Spark Interactive Console

We are pleased to reveal the release of Spark Interactive Console in Azure Toolkit for IntelliJ. This new component facilitates Spark job authoring, and enables you to run code interactively in a shell-like environment within IntelliJ. The Spark console includes ... continue reading

Tips and tricks for migrating on-premises Hadoop infrastructure to Azure HDInsight

Today, we are excited to share our tips and tricks series on how to migrate on-premises Hadoop infrastructure to Microsoft Azure HDInsight. Every day, thousands of customers run their mission-critical big data workloads on Azure HDInsight. Many of our customers ... continue reading
HDInsight Architecture Diagram

Secure incoming traffic to HDInsight clusters in a virtual network with private endpoint

We are excited to announce the general availability of private endpoint in HDInsight clusters deployed in a virtual network. This feature enables enterprises to better isolate access to their HDInsight clusters from the public internet and enhance their security at ... continue reading
Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: A look into what's driving the future of technology with Microsoft CTO of Services, Norm Judah

Predictions for 2017 and Beyond: A look into what’s driving the future of technology with Microsoft CTO of Services, Norm Judah

Lex Thomas welcomes back Microsoft Services CTO Norm Judah to the show for their annual discussion around the Future of Technology. Tune in as they check in to see where they stand on last year’s predictions as well as review ... continue reading