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Screenshot of Bing Speech

Windows PowerShell and the Text-to-Speech REST API (Part 4)

Summary: Send and receive content to the Text-to-Speech API with PowerShell. Q: Hey, Scripting Guy! I was playing with the Text-to-Speech API. I have it almost figured out, but I’m stumbling over the final steps of formatting the SSML markup ... continue reading

Bing Visual Search and Entity Search APIs for video apps

In this blog, I will go over how you can use the Bing Visual Search API, in combination with Bing Entity Search API to build an enhanced viewing experience in your video app. General availability of Bing Visual Search API ... continue reading

SmartHotel360 Microservices on Azure Kubernetes Service

During the Build 2018 keynote, Scott Hanselman, with help from Scott Guthrie, showed developers the new features available in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Dev Spaces. To help you learn how to deploy microservices written in any framework to ... continue reading

Azure.Source – Volume 35

Featuring Infrastructure-as-a-Service on Azure Why you should bet on Azure for your infrastructure needs, today and in the future - We are committed to providing the right infrastructure for every workload. Across our 50 Azure regions, you can pick from ... continue reading
Cybersecurity Reference Architecture: Security for a Hybrid Enterprise

Cybersecurity Reference Architecture: Security for a Hybrid Enterprise

The Microsoft Cybersecurity Reference Architecture describes Microsofts cybersecurity capabilities and how they integrate with existing security architectures and capabilities. We recently updated this diagram and wanted to share a little bit about the changes and the document itself to help ... continue reading

Use Azure Monitor to integrate with SIEM tools

Over the past two years since introducing Azure Monitor, we’ve made significant strides in terms of consolidating on a single logging pipeline for all Azure services. A majority of the top Azure services, including Azure Resource Manager and Azure Security ... continue reading

Make Azure IoT Hub C SDK work on tiny devices!

Azure IoT Hub C SDK is written in ANSI C (C99), which makes it well-suited for a variety of platforms with small disk and memory footprint. We recommend at least 64KB of RAM, but the exact memory footprint depends on ... continue reading

Receiving and handling HTTP requests anywhere with the Azure Relay

If you followed Microsoft’s coverage from the Build 2018 conference, you may have been as excited as we were about the new Visual Studio Live Share feature that allows instant, remote, peer-to-peer collaboration between Visual Studio users, no matter where ... continue reading
HTTP headers table

Windows PowerShell and the Text-to-Speech REST API (Part 3)

Summary: Use Windows PowerShell to access the Cognitive Services Text-to-Speech API. Q: Hey, Scripting Guy! I was reading up on how we could use PowerShell to communicate with Azure to gain an access token. I’ve been just itching to see ... continue reading