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Create Scale-Out SMB Shares

Now we will create SMB shares on the Windows Scale-Out File Server.  Each share will be attached a Virtual Disk. Multiple shares can be created for a Virtual Disk, or you can elect to create only a single share for each Virtual Disk, depending on your desires and circumstances.


Inside the Failover Cluster Manager, select:

Roles > the Scale-out File Server role > Add File Share


Select “SMB Share – Applications” for network shares which will host applications such as databases or Virtual Machines then select next.

On the New File Share wizard, select the Virtual Disk folder and then next.

Then name your share as desired.

Note: The path is C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1…   This direct path is required for RDMA accelerated access.   The network path [\\SMB-FS1\VMs1] should only be used for access by foreign systems access.
Note: the Volume1 folder in this example may have been renamed to match your Virtual Disk name.

Make sure the “Enable continuous availability” option is selected and then next.

You can customize permissions now or later if desired, then select next.

Select Create to create the network share.

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