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Create Scale-Out File System on Windows Cluster

The Scale-out File System service provides a distributed multi-access service for SMB shares on Windows 2012r2 and 2016.  This allows access to network file shares as a service, so access can migrate from node to node, and in some cases allow simultaneous access to single CSV files inside SMB shares.

SoFS Configure Role

In the Failover Cluster Manager GUI, select Roles > Configure Role

Select File Server

Select File Server then click next

Select Scale Out File Server

Select Scale-out File Server and then next.

SMB Share Node Name

Select your SMB share node name.   This will be used in your SMB file paths. For example: the above Client Access Point would be use in a path as such:



And click Finish to complete.

Share Default Folder

When complete, there will be a new folder on every node in the storage cluster: C:\ClusterStorage\Volume1

There will be a new folder created for each Virtual Disk created.   These folders do not contain data directly but are pointers to the storage spaces storage on the share disks.   Each node will contain this folder which is simply a link to the real storage system.

Note: The Volume1 folder can optionally be renamed to match your Virtual Disk name for easier management.   This is usually a good idea.

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