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Microsoft Private Cloud Experts

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft has published two very in-depth articles detailing the process of migrating to a Server 2016 based cloud architecture. For those considering a Microsoft private or public cloud, these two articles are a must read. Although they are targeted at Azure public cloud, the content is equally applicable to your private cloud initiative. If you are migrating or deploying a cloud with Windows Server 2016 in your data center then you need to read these articles.

This is an awesome blueprint to follow. Covers all the issues a business is most interested in and many times not fully addressed.

Here’s a brief outline of the articles:

  • Understand the as-is architecture and constraints
  • Develop a detailed financial model for a selection of solution options
  • Things that are included in Azure (and Windows Server 2016) but are usually missed in financial modeling comparisons
  • Cost Optimization and Planning
  • Planning For Coexistence
  • Building the Inventory of Services (includes using the free Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit)
  • Designing the Target Environment
  • Subscriptions and Delegated Administration
  • Virtual Networks and Network Security Groups
  • Migration Planning (includes several template to create your inventory of requirements)
To download your PDF copy, look for the “Download article” link at the top of the article. That will present you the option to print or download the PDF.

The two articles can be found here: