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Argon Systems Blog

Microsoft Private Cloud Experts

In this post George Davidson discusses the topics that the Argon Systems Blog will showcase. These topics range from general top level discussions of cloud definitions and terminology to market trends and analysis to in-depth technical discussions of various cloud deployment types. We hope you enjoy the blog and welcome comments. If you are really good we will consider you for a guest post.

Welcome to Argon’s Blog

Argon Systems has launched this blog where we discuss the latest trends and technologies around building Microsoft based private clouds. Our team of cloud building experts is poised to present the latest information in quite unique and entertaining voices that will give you new perspectives and ideas on strategies that you should use to fill in the blanks around what you are actually going to end up doing in your datacenter. This blog is meant to be a commentary and opinion, both technical and marketing on topics in cloud computing, and will be complimented by our Knowledge Base that will have much more in-depth technical information, how-to’s, and tutorials. This blog post will fall into (but not be limited by) a few basic categories;

  1. definitions and terminology
  2. market discussions
  3. technical discussions
  4. just for fun.

In each of these categories we will cover topics revolving mainly around building incredibly awesome Microsoft-based private clouds.

Definitions and Terminology

Definitions and TerminologyWhat is cloud computing?  What are IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and other more eccentric ones like DBaaS, and MaaS. What is the internet of things?  There are tons of things floating around out there and we try to nail them down for you and describe them in simple ways that make sense for both the technical and non-technical audience.  Of course, for some of you this will be too high level, but never fear we will dig into the weeds, deep into the weeds, soon enough so there will be plenty of juicy fruits for you as well.

Market Discussions

We like to discuss what is going on in the market place with cloud computing.  Who will win the big public cloud battles?  Where will enterprises end up with cloud computing and their Private, Public, Hybrid mix.  Will SMB’s just stop having servers on premise?  There are plenty of hot and exciting topics we will be discussing here, so stay tuned.  We will do our best to keep our finger on the trends, but remember, nobody can predict the future.

Technical Discussions

Which technology is better for software defined storage, IWarp, or RROCE?  What are the different use cases for Storage Spaces Direct and standard Storage Spaces?  How can I tweak out the performance for my software defined datacenter?  There will be many discussions about these from our knowledgeable technical experts (full of strong opinions) that we welcome you to challenge (at your peril).  These discussions will compliment our more in-depth Knowledge Base articles that will have plenty of screen shots and show you where to click, Click, CLICK your way to success.

Just For Fun

So that we aren’t totally just inundating you with useful information, we will also be sure to throw in some totally useless and irrelevant, yet interesting and fun content like, what “cloud” gifts can you get your mom for Christmas, and what are the “hot” new fun video games coming out this holiday season?  Why anyone that has ever played risk should play risk legacy (though not after midnight), and why The Dark Knight Rises is the best movie ever made.  Seriously, we just had to get some of these things off our collective chest. So sit back and enjoy what’s coming.  We are looking forward to having a meaningful conversation about all things cloud, specifically about building Microsoft Private Clouds and why they rock!  Plenty of really cool technology coming out and we’re looking forward to experiencing it together.