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Microsoft Private Cloud Experts

We are proud to have been featured in Tech Company News.

They noticed us as an innovative company specializing in Windows Server 2016 for the datacenter using Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. During the interview they asked us to help explain what is private and public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

We believe Microsoft, coupled with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, has created a disruptive innovation with Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. Small and medium sized businesses now can afford a private cloud, fueling growth for the entire industry. Customers can avoid vendor lock in from proprietary systems and consolidate on a single vendor solution avoiding the complexities that plague datacenters.

The next generation of the Software Defined Datacenter is Rack Scale Design. This will optimize performance, lower cost, and simplify management. We will see a mass adoption of Docker containers and Kubernetes.

“We see the software going from complex systems, such as VMware and multiple vendor components, migrating to Windows Server 2016 with Docker containers and Kubernetes. Both SW and HW are evolving into a simpler to manage and more consolidated environment. The future of the datacenter will be a more holistic process.”

Read more in the interview.

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