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Announcing the all new Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0

Announcing the all new Attack Surface Analyzer 2.0

Few of us know what is really happening on our systems when we install new software from new or untrusted sources. This is important because most installation processes require elevated privileges, which can lead to undesired system configuration changes. Knowing ... continue reading
Joy Chik speaking at the European Identity and Cloud Conference in Munich, Germany

Decentralized identity and the path to digital privacy

Security is the central challenge of the digital age. Our digital lives have moved into the cloud. People now use multiple devices to connect to multiple applications through many different networks. Just about everything is connected to the internet, where ... continue reading
Infographic of the strength of signal offered by the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph.

Executing on the vision of Microsoft Threat Protection

Over the last several months, we’ve provided regular updates on the rapid progress we’re making with Microsoft Threat Protection, which enables your organization to: Protect your assets with identity-driven security and powerful conditional access policies which ensure your assets are ... continue reading

Safeguard your most sensitive data with Microsoft 365

I am Security Operations’ (SecOps) worst nightmare. Or at least I used to be. As an industrious product marketer, I often share intellectual property (think: details of new product capabilities) or spreadsheets that contain customer personal identifying information (PII) with ... continue reading

3 investments Microsoft is making to improve identity management

As a large enterprise with global reach, Microsoft has the same security risks as its customers. We have a distributed, mobile workforce who access corporate resources from external networks. Many individuals struggle to remember complex passwords or reuse one password ... continue reading

Identity enhancements to support the more than 1 million active third-party applications on our platform

This week at //build 2019, we’re announcing several enhancements to our identity platform for developers. These enhancements are designed to support the more than one million active third-party applications using our identity platform each month and include: Our work to ... continue reading

Developing connected security solutions

Many organizations deploy dozens of security products and services from Microsoft and others to combat increasing cyberthreats. As a result, the ability to quickly extract value from these solutions has become more challenging. This creates opportunity for developers to build ... continue reading

Get security beyond Microsoft products with Microsoft 365

Over time, organizations and individuals acquire stuff. Things we love and things we need. Things we don’t need but can’t seem to get rid of. I was confronted with this challenge when we bought a 1908 craftsman home. How could ... continue reading

Understand and improve your security posture with Microsoft 365

I kickstarted 2019 with a “dry,” keto January. And, as so often happens, I found a parallel between my personal life and my chosen industry, cybersecurity. In this case, it was measurement. How do you know if you’re healthy? There ... continue reading
Image showing the control plane of Identity: Cloud apps, Partners and customers, Employees, and On-premises apps.

The evolution of Microsoft Threat Protection, April update

Microsoft Threat Protection continues to energize the threat protection market with our most recent announcements. Customers are excited about the launch of Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), which extends Microsoft’s best in class endpoint security to Mac and adds ... continue reading