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Have Your Company's Systems Passed All the Security Tests?

Dear IT Pros, Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas! I would like to make this article more fluid and less dry, with the hope that not all my blog articles’ contents are too serious and too long to read. Let me ... continue reading

MEM – Endpoint Analytics Setup Operation and Troubleshooting

Hi IT Pros, Microsoft has just released Endpoint Manager – Endpoint Analytics. It is a cool feature, addressing service desk long time need to monitor and identify the devices which have delay sign-in time and performance issue even before Users ... continue reading

MEM – Windows 10 Kiosk Troubleshooting Common Problems

Hi IT Pros, There is a need to run the Windows 10 kiosk mode with its beautiful, illuminative screen in the reception area of your Corporate Office or in the conference room, also there are the needs to run Windows ... continue reading

Demystifying Ransomware Attacks Against Microsoft Defender Solution

Hi IT Pros, As you have known it, Ransomware is in aggravated assault mode at this time of year 2020, the joint cybersecurity advisory comes from the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and ... continue reading

MEM – Demystifying Edge Legacy and Edge Chromium Profiles

Hello IT Pros, When we apply different Edge Profiles in MS Endpoint Manager, we may get a little bit of confusion on what Edge types applied to what Endpoint configuration profiles. In this article, I would like to clear the ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Linux – Configuration and Operation Command List

Hello Blog Readers, I have summarized the Linux Configuration and Operation commands in this cheat sheet for your convenient use. Enjoy your MD for Endpoint Linux run! MD for Endpoint Linux Commands Group Scenario Command Configuration Turn on/off real-time protection ... continue reading

Deploying Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on Linux Servers.

Hi IT Pro, The following is step-by-step document for Defender for Endpoint Linux (MD ATP for Linux) deployment. Let's start your MD for Endpoint Linux deployment! ________________________________ Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Linux (MD ATP) support for Linux with kernel version ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Commonly Used Queries and Examples

Hello IT Pros, I have collected the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (Microsoft Defender ATP) advanced hunting queries from my demo, Microsoft Demo and Github for your convenient reference. As we knew, you or your InfoSec Team may need to run ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – MD ATP Daily Operation – Part 1

Hi IT Pros, I have combined the information for Security Team who monitors, responds and manages the ATP Portal on a daily basis. Please check it out and give your feedback. For Alert Notification and Live Response with remediation and ... continue reading

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint – MD ATP Daily Operation – Part 2

NOTE: As of late September, the Microsoft Defender ATP product line has been renamed to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint! Dear IT Pros, I would like to continue on Part 2 of the Windows Defender ATP Operation with tasks handled by ... continue reading