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Azure AD Mailbag: What is identity provisioning and why does it matter?

Azure AD Mailbag: What is identity provisioning and why does it matter?

This is Sue Bohn, Partner Director of Program Management for Identity and Access Management. We're back with another mailbag focusing on your common questions on Azure Active Directory provisioning. A key Identity and Access Management (IAM) component, provisioning makes sure ... continue reading
Protect your customer accounts with passwordless mobile authentication

Protect your customer accounts with passwordless mobile authentication

Hello! In today’s ‘Voice of the ISV’ story, Jim Small and Milan Radojkovic at IPification describe how IPification mobile authentication and Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C deliver improved security and a better user experience to our mutual customers. Don’t ... continue reading

Inside Identity: Securing users in a multi-cloud environment with Duo

In the third episode of “Inside Identity,” I sat down with Ruoting Sun, Head of Technology Partnerships & Commercial Expansion at Duo Security (part of Cisco). Duo provides a multi-factor authentication solution that integrates with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) ... continue reading

Securely collaborate with remote partners using Azure AD B2B collaboration

As COVID-19 public health guidance keeps suppliers, distributors, vendors and contractors at home, organizations around the world must figure out how to enable productivity for their blended workforce of employees and external partners. A few weeks ago, we shared 5 ... continue reading

Developing applications for secure remote work with Azure AD

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak, we have been working closely with our customers to help them address the new reality. As such, we recently published tips to help IT admins to enable secure, remote access. Today, we want ... continue reading

Secure remote access to on-premises apps

As COVID-19 continues to require social distancing to ensure everyone’s safety, we have seen many companies support their employee’s needs and promote safety by allowing them to work from home and use online tools to collaborate. This has led to ... continue reading
Enable remote collaboration quickly and securely with Azure AD

Enable remote collaboration quickly and securely with Azure AD

During these challenging times, we’ve continued to collaborate closely with our customers as they react to the COVID-19 outbreak. From helping schools move quickly to enable distance learning, to supporting IT departments rapidly scale to support remote working scenarios, we’re ... continue reading

Top 5 ways your Azure AD can help you enable remote work

While remote work is a common feature of modern workplaces, it’s become an imperative in light of the current worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Where it’s feasible, enabling work to happen from homes is a key way to help keep our ... continue reading

Three ways Azure AD Conditional Access balances security and productivity

Hello! Welcome to another edition of the Partner Blog Series. If you’re not achieving the right balance of security and user productivity with your current Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution, I hope you’ll take a moment to read this ... continue reading

Inside Identity: How Microsoft and F5 are partnering for a more inclusive platform

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Inside Identity,” a new video series that will provide a window into the Identity Engineering Team at Microsoft. In my role as Partner Director of Program Management, I lead a group which cuts the ... continue reading