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PowerShell Team May 2020 Update

Previously, I published a blog on our investments plans during the PowerShell 7.1 release timeframe. We’ve made progress across many of those investments with more work ahead of us. PowerShell 7.1 preview 3 We are now able to ship simultaneously ... continue reading

PowerShell 7 Road Map

Last month we announced that PowerShell 7 will be the next release of PowerShell. Here I will provide more details of areas we’ll be investing in for the PowerShell 7 release. When will I get it?! Today, we’re releasing our ... continue reading

Get-ScriptDirectory to the Rescue

The other day I was writing a script and decided that I wanted to break it into a couple of files and have the main script dot-source a library script in the same directory. Here is the problem that I ... continue reading