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PowerShell 7 Preview 5

Today we shipped PowerShell 7 Preview5! This release contains a number of new features and many bug fixes from both the community as well as the PowerShell team. See the Release Notes for all the details of what is included ... continue reading

PowerShell 7 Preview 4

We continue to make progress towards our PowerShell 7 release which currently is targeting December 2019 for a Release Candidate and January 2020 for General Availability and will be our first LTS (Long Term Servicing) release! Please see the previous ... continue reading

PowerShell 7 Preview 3

PowerShell 7 Preview 3 In May, we published our PowerShell 7 Roadmap. We have been making progress on our roadmap and are currently on track to have a Generally Available (GA) release by end of this calendar year. Long Term ... continue reading

PowerShell 7 Road Map

Last month we announced that PowerShell 7 will be the next release of PowerShell. Here I will provide more details of areas we’ll be investing in for the PowerShell 7 release. When will I get it?! Today, we’re releasing our ... continue reading

Get-ScriptDirectory to the Rescue

The other day I was writing a script and decided that I wanted to break it into a couple of files and have the main script dot-source a library script in the same directory. Here is the problem that I ... continue reading