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When to use Azure Service Health versus the status page

If you’re experiencing problems with your applications, a great place to start investigating solutions is through your Azure Service Health dashboard. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between the Azure status page and Azure Service Health. We’ll also ... continue reading
An image showing Azure Service Health in the Azure portal.

What’s the difference between Azure Monitor and Azure Service Health?

It’s a question we often hear. After all, they’re similar and related services. Azure Monitor helps you understand how your applications are performing and proactively identifies issues affecting them and the resources they depend on. Azure Service Health helps you ... continue reading

How to stay informed about Azure service issues

Azure Service Health helps you stay informed and take action when Azure service issues like outages and planned maintenance affect you. It provides you with a personalized dashboard that can help you understand issues that may be impacting resources in ... continue reading
Screenshot of Service Health History

Get an official service issue root cause analysis with Azure Service Health

After you experience a Microsoft Azure service issue, you likely need to explain what happened to your customers, management, and other stakeholders. That’s why Azure Service Health provides official incident reports and root cause analyses (RCAs) from Microsoft. Azure Service ... continue reading
Review active service issues in Azure Service Health

Stay informed about service issues with Azure Service Health

When your Azure resources go down, one of your first questions is probably, “Is it me or is it Azure?” Azure Service Health helps you stay informed and take action when Azure service issues like incidents and planned maintenance affect ... continue reading